The Pure Cup

We created Pure Earth® to support the regeneration of our planet.

This means we will do everything we can to shift people towards more sustainable and ethical products, services and behaviors.

The Pure Cup is the first product we have developed since launching in May 2020 and we can safely say it's been a huge success.

{yep, guilty of using Social Proof below 😊}

The Pure Cup is made from composite material which includes polypropylene (the material that provides the fastest environmental savings in the study on page 1), rice husks and natural starches.

Why rice husks?

Over 500 million tons of rice husks are 'burned' each year after harvest.

By using them to create our products, we are actually limiting the Co2 emissions at source!

But how can we claim to have a 'positive' environmental impact directly after purchase?

Because for each Pure Cup sold, we commit to planting one tree through our partner One Tree Planted.

In the same way that you might decide to cycle to work if other colleagues do, the Pure Cup is a walking advertisement for a more sustainable life.

It encapsulate everything we stand for and everything we are trying to achieve.

So if you're sure you need one then click the button below to visit our products page and decide if it's the right one for you.

But please, we can't stress enough.

If you really don't fit the bill. i.e. don't travel regularly, work on the computer, or have kids at home - please hold off buying one until you do.

We're in no rush to sell them, and we're not going anywhere, so come back when your situation changes.

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We'll be releasing a new wooden product over the next few months that we think EVERYONE should have, and you'll be first to hear when we do.

Now without further ado...